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our community activiTIes

our community activiTIes

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Freedom Summit II

Sequal to Freed Summit 

Freedom Summit 2 features 2 mountain climbs, 2 camping locations, and 2 Divisions

Mountaineer Division - climbing Mount Abang through the Freedom Summit trail out of Desa Ban, Karangasim followed by a boat journey across Batur, camping again, and finishing with a climb of Mount Batur for a tangerine Sunrise. 

Base Camp Hero - Family, Elderly, and Disabled friendly - climbing to the Freedom Summit campground from Jatituhuh village (approx. 800 meters), aiding in setting up camp, helping with processes, and enjoying some great activities!

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Plastic Angel 

The Art of Giving Soiree hosted by Alila Seminyak will feature the Plastic Angels art exhibition, Art of Giving Screening,  freeflow wines, cocktails and beers with canapes and great music!

A night to delight your senses with amazing art made from recycled materials otherwise destined to decompose in the Suwung landfill releasing harmful gases and destroying our planet .

Pieces are crafted by both local and International Artists.


Other features of the Art of Giving Soiree Include
Art Auction
Silent Auction
Instant Winner Drawing Game



The Lapathon: Shuffle and Strides are hosting a 24-hour lapathon on September 16th and 17th, 2023, starting at 10 am. This community-based initiative invites anyone to participate, regardless of their fitness level.


Participants can walk, jog, dance, or run around the track while Bali's best bands play music, motivational speakers share their experiences around mental health, and vendors sell delicious food and drinks.


Walk With Me is an initiative aiding Teratai foundation in continuation of the community center of arts, sustenance and shelter and for the visually impaired . Teratai foundation has been severely impacted by Covid-19 in losing their founder Didon Kecang to the virus in late 2020. Now in 2023, we are calling on you and your friends to get involved in supporting the Teratai Foundation and Bali Bersama Bisa.

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