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Powered by Wanderlust
Organized by Right Reasons Funding


Yayasan (Foundation) Bali Bersama Bisa

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Yayasan (Foundation) Shuffle and Strides

If you want to support a non-profit mental health organization near you, please get in contact with us!

Join 4 x 48 From wherever you are in the world!

We will release the workouts directly to you 5 days prior to the 4 x 48 starting so that you can SMASH through Mental Health wherever you are in the world! 

It would be best if you have access to the basic machines used in any "Functional Fitness" facility on the planet, such as Rower, Skier, Assault Bike, etc but workouts will have Running modifications available for all machine parts of the WODS. 

Necessary Equipment: Dumbells, Barbell, Weights, Ab Mat, Wall Ball, Pull Up Bar.

You will be able to connect with other individuals doing it across the planet as well as the mothership of Wanderlust Crossfit Bali where tens, possibly hundreds will be smashing through the stigma of mental health. 

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48 Hours

12 Workouts

Full Smasher

Registering and doing the entire 4x48, starting Friday the 12th of July at 4pm,  in a true test of grit in a showcase of solidarity; that everyone should have basic knowledge around the signs, symptoms and treatments of mental health and that anyone in need should have access to profesional mental health assistance.

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24 Hours

7 Workouts

Half Smasher

Joining the 4x48 Mental Health Challenge on Saturday the 13th of July for the 12pm workout and the next 6 workouts, providing the vital energy needed to break down the stigma, educatue the public and provide resources of profesional mental health assistance for those in need in Indonesia!  

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12 Hours

4 Workouts

Quarter Smasher

Getting in just at the right time to uplift spirits on Sunday 12am, Yes thats midnight....... Nobody said it would be easy? You can make a BIG difference as the other divisions will be lacking sleep, energy and momentum, your participaiton will give them the lifeline to finish the challenge and to help provide the TRUE lifeline for those in need!

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Shuffles and Strides is a community based, maintenance and prevention foundation for mental health. In a world so connected to devices, people have become disconnected from one another and by asking the simple question "are you ok today?" You may just save a life! Shuffle & Strides aim to create communities throughout the island focusing on positive lifestyle choices such as running, surfing, mountain climbing where its Ok to get honest about how you feel. We as people hide are feelings and bury away traumas that when brought to the surface unwillingly can cause severe mental health issues. Nick and Jack believe with the right community around you and somewhere to share your problems you will be much less likely to suffer extreme mental health issues. As mental health is a very serious issue, Shuffle and Strides works directly with professional counselors, treatment facilities and medical facilities to help those who answer "NO, I am not OK".

Get your gym involved
to support mental health!

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