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Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia is the official partner of Right Reasons Funding in making an impact! Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia works to provide transparency, impact reporting and international donor relations to the organizations of Indonesia! Yayasan Insan Guna Indonesia works (with Right Reasons) to bring social impact events, sponsorship, international funds and project management; creating sustainability and opportunity for growth to the non for profit sector of Indonesia.

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1. Bali Wise - an educational, technical, and language-based program uplifting young women out of poverty and empowering them through skills and fair job placement.

2. Zero Waste Center - providing education and training for youth and underprivileged around proper waste management. The facility includes waste separation and repurposing for a better future!

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108 Bajra

Yayasan 108 has worked across Bali for quite sometime in brining spirituality and peace to the people of various regions. , The hundred and eight priests of Bali represents all the different regions of Bali in culture and spiritual aspects of acceptance.


The Yayasan 108 has teamed up with Bali Poleng in bringing the true spiritual culture of Bali to the masses in a effort to restore balance on "The island of the Gods"!

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Prasad a registered 501c#3 in USA, Registered Yayasan in Indonesia is a community kitchen serving those less fortunate. Prasad is located in the happening area of Canggu and gets tens of volunteers from all across the planet a few times per week!


Lots of people sharing lots of love for preparing, cooking and distributings Lots of Food! Prasad empowers the local community through employing skilled profesionals to train and educaute others around culinary profesionalism!

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Peoples Law Center DBB

The Duta Bina Bhuana (DBB) Foundation was established in 1997 and focused on Education, Social, and Empowerment. We provide access to education and skills training for Balinese people so they might have a brighter future. Our motto is, "Educate and Empower via Formal and Vocational Education” We operated the DBB School, which encompasses 3 languages: Indonesian, English, and Mandarin. Daycare, Playgroups, Kindergarten, and Elementary School. Also, a Vocational Education, Bali OSEC, prepares working-age people for employment.


In 2021 took the initiative to launch The People's Law Centre (PLC), a Legal Aid Center for the community, Indonesian, and foreigners. In addition, we formed a program called "Srikandi Justice Campaign" to create awareness for domestic violence.

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Yayasan Solemen Indonesia is a registered non-profit foundation, established in October 2010 and registered as a charity in Indonesia in 2011, to raise awareness and funds to support various projects for the disadvantaged in Bali, in particular for the people who live in the most remote and poorest areas in Bali and are not helped by mainstream NGOs or government programs.

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Registered non for profit, a community based on destigmatizing mental health and bringing the topic to the forefront of the conversation. At Shuffle and Strides they believe that the more the problems of mental health are discussed and brought to light, the less likely people are to suffer from their symptoms.


The Shuffle and Strides team raises “Mental Health” awareness through community-based events, free of charge to the general public, encouraging all to attend and participate. The Shuffle and Strides community is hundreds of people coming together and connecting around a common topic of “How are you today” with honest answers. The aim is to be thousands strong and have a professional mental health team behind it to help anyone – anytime!

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Bali Street Mums, a registered nonprofit organization, began over six years ago as a passion of founder Kim Farr. In 2014, Kim’s heart for serving led her from New Zealand to Denpasar, Bali where she began volunteering at a refuge for street kids. When the refuge tragically shut down, Kim was compelled to find a way to keep contributing. There was still so much left to be done!


With an intense desire to serve, Kim found a way, working out of a one-room shack to continue assisting the mothers and children in the nearby slums. Thus began the seed that became Bali Street Mums.

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The Plastic Xchange – a registered foundation focused on a simple “Edu-action” philosophy around Plastic Waste! Bali was severely impacted by the Covid-19pandemic and as many people and organizations ran around “handing out” food, one local saw the need for a more dignity-based program.


Bali, an island suffering from food insecurity due to the pandemic and plastic pollution across its beaches, combined with a lack of a centralized waste-management system created the NEED for the Plastic Exchange programIts simple, it empowers people to clean up the plastic in their neighborhoods, villages, and towns to receive life’s basic staple of rice in return. This program has been highly successful and cleaned TONS and TONS of plastic out of the environment, feed millions of meals, and made for a better future for all!

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Bali Bersama Bisa Foundation is an association of 12 NGOs or communities to promote physical, mental, and social well-being with a spirit of inclusiveness. Together, we aim to reduce the stigma about people with mental health problems, disability, sex, and LGBTQIA+ communities who are frequently discriminated against or being marginalized by others.

  1. Movement of Recovery provides support for alcohol and narcotic addicts

  2. Yayasan Teman Baik Nusantara provides mental health education and support

  3. GSHR Udayana is a group of educators, researchers, and activists of gender sexuality, and human rights.

  4. Komunitas Seni Tuna Netra Teratai serves as a platform for visually impaired people to engage in arts and sports-related activities.

  5. Yayasan Spirit Paramacitta raises awareness and provides support for people with HIV and AIDS

  6. Love and Strong Women provides support for cancer survivors

  7. KPSI Simpul Bali raises awareness and provides support for people with Schizophrenia

  8. Yayasan Gaya Dewata is a platform for transwomen of Yayasan Gaya Dewata

  9. Rumah Bisabilitas is a Creative Hub for people with physical disabilities

  10. Komunitas Bipolar Bali raises awareness and provides support for people with Bi-Polar disorder.

  11. Crisis Kitchen Bali provides food relief for people in need in Bali.

  12. PRIDE CARE INDONESIA support, empower and help transmen in Indonesia to live authentically.

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